Field Trip: New England Distilling

I was lucky enough to spend the morning at New England Distilling and I came away completely thrilled and rooting for them.

They are intelligent, intuitive, passionate and talented.  They are everything that is great for craft spirits.

The Gin blew me away.  Where many craft distillers opt for purchasing bulk spirit, flavoring it, and bottling it these guys ferment and distill a barely base that turns out an elegant rich spirit with incredible focus yet they completely avoid a clinical feeling that’s all to common in the category.  My husband who has a brewing background and has been in and out of distilleries tasting with me for the last five years proclaimed it was one of the best he’s ever had while still being very unique- a hard balancing act indeed.

The Rum is rich and toasty.  It invites you to jump in.  I’ll be posting a technical tasting note on this shortly.

The Rye from barrel was stunning.  I am a true rye fanatic and have a deep respect for how finicky it can be.  With their strong brewing background they coax out a beautiful spirit that made my mouth water.  I can’t wait until these whiskey barrels mature and age into something very special. 

There is a lot happening in the world of rye right now.  Already distilled spirit in barrel on the contract market seems to be drying up and many craft distillers are putting it down in barrel themselves.  It is testy to ferment, temperamental in its aging and shows a whole host of flaws much more obviously than the forgiving corn of bourbon.  These guys are on the pulse of the future and ever building boom of rye.

I really could go on…. I hope to have them out for a visit to Privateer and I know I will be taking them up on the offer to drop by again… they are going great places.



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